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INTERFACES Colloquium Series - #2

The second lecture in the INTERFACES colloquium series on “Sustainable land management in sub‐Saharan Africa: Improving livelihoods through local research” is on 5 October 2023 by Dr. David Anaafo from WASCAL’s Competence Center in Burkina Faso.

Colloquium Series Overview

Location: Online
Date: 5th October 2023

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The lecture entitled: “Will customary land rights hold in Africa” was listened to by 14 participants, the majority from Ghana themselves. The presentation, based on Dr. Anaafo’s recent research, showed exemplary how customary land rights changed over time and which consequences this may have for access, management, use and sale of land. After the presentation, a very lively debate ensued which focused in particular on the effects of land governance reform and large-scale land sales to private investors on women and on the sustainability of production especially in the Northern Region of Ghana where several of the regional projects undertake their research.