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INTERFACES Colloquium Series - #9

The ninth lecture in the INTERFACES colloquium series on “Sustainable land management in sub‐Saharan Africa: Improving livelihoods through local research” is on 16 May 2024 by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kaufmann (DITSL, Germany) and Dr. Hussein Wario (CRDD, Kenya) from the InfoRange project  on “Land, Information and Resilience: understanding key aspects of pastoral systems”.

Colloquium Series Overview

Location: Online via Zoom
Date: 16th May 2024
Time: 16‐17 hrs CEST/CET
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The presentation will address the question of how land is valued and the consequences this has for local versus global use interests. In the past, rangelands were often regarded as wastelands by outsiders, but they have always been of high value to pastoralists. Their knowledge and information systems allow them to exploit the highly heterogeneous and variable resources. Increasingly, global players are interested in exploiting rangelands, which they see as waste, empty lands ready to harvest wind or solar energy. In the presentation the speakers will explain, based on examples from Kenia, the knowledge- and information-intensive mode of resource use by pastoralists. They will discuss whether and under what conditions these new global interests for the rangelands can be undertaken in a just manner to ensure that resilience of the local systems is enhanced and not compromised.