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Good Funding Practices

How to advance participatory and transdisciplinary research for sustainable land management in Africa?

Defining research objectives with non-academic and societal actors is essential to the transdisciplinary research process. This is a crucial building block to address increasingly complex societal problems, particularly in the domain of sustainable development

Contributors: Eefje Aarnoudse
Published: 11th July 2024

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Eefje Aarnoudse presented preliminary results from an ongoing workshop series on “Good funding practices to advance transdisciplinary research on sustainable land management in Africa”. The involvement of non-academic, societal actors (such as communities or producer associations) in research on sustainable land management is crucial to ensure that research results lead to real-world solutions. The workshop series will bring together German and African researchers, funders and science policy makers to identify and validate innovative funding practices that enable transdisciplinary research approaches.